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On August 14th, TOTVS and Bematech announced a corporate reorganization to create the business solutions provider for Retail with the widest nationwide coverage and the most comprehensive portfolio of solutions and innovations for the sector. Bematech is the leading provider of technology solutions for the retail, food service and hospitality sectors, whose hardware and software solutions are present in more than 50% of the checkouts of automated establishments across Brazil, which represent more than 500,000 check-outs.

TOTVS and Bematech together will serve the entire retail chain, combining know-how of brick-and-mortar retail and e-commerce, with portfolios of specialized solutions such as management systems, point of sale (POS), commercial automation, fiscal solutions, e-commerce, mobile, means of payment and collaboration platform, in a variety of retail sub-segments, such as food service, supermarkets, wholesalers, apparel and footwear, department stores, electronics and home appliances, construction materials, drugstores, hotels, car dealerships and passenger transportation, among others.

The corporate reorganization was approved on September 3rd by the extraordinary shareholders meetings of TOTVS and Bematech, and on October 22nd, by Brazil´s Council for Economic Defense – CADE.

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Last updated on April 7, 2020