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Solutions and Sectors

With the commitment to make our clients more competitive in their markets, TOTVS offers business solutions for ten segments:


With TOTVS solutions, your raw material production gains more efficiency and quality, ensuring adequate standards of traceability of the entire process and highly competitive costs.

Success Case TOTVS: Brasnica – Tropical fuits

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Construction and Projects

TOTVS solutions meet the essential requirements of the Construction and Projects sector: planning, cost control and monitoring of all work stages. With them you can deploy the best practices, control processes, increase productivity and ensure quality in the projects' governance.

Sucess Case TOTVS: Alusa Engenharia

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Distribution and Logistics

With TOTVS solutions, it is simpler and more effective to manage logistics processes. The operations' productivity is high and operating costs are reduced. Besides, your business can anticipate and adress the supply chain challenges following the globalization.

Success Case TOTVS: Vogler

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To attract and retain students, TOTVS offers products and services that address in an integrated way, from the academic back office and financial department, to processes  management and costs reduction.

Success Case TOTVS: Colégio Ari de Sá

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Financial Services

TOTVS offer specialized solutions for investments, credit management, credit cards and core banking, from the business environment to accounting and the operational area, going through managing and compliance control. Besides the management system, the portfolio includes consulting and services, which contribute in a significant way to the financial institutions management.

Success Case TOTVS: Badesul

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TOTVS solutions meet the requirements of this sector, following the computerization of the judiciary and the competition increase between legal offices. 

Sucess Case TOTVS: Velloza & Girotto

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TOTVS offers complete solutions for manufacture that include all processes of the production chain. With them, your industry ensures improvement in management and operating controls to support strategic decisions, improves relationships with clients and automates the supply chain.

Success Case TOTVS: Tecscreen

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TOTVS offers specific business solutions to meet the challenges of the healthcare industry, ensuring the perfect monitoring of your institution's entire flow. Comprehensive and integrated, our solutions bring high return of investments and improve the processes performance.

Sucess Case TOTVS: AFIP (Instituto do Sono)

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TOTVS offers solutions that control operations, reduce costs and strengthens the relationship between your company and your clients. With them, your business will have an ally in the retention and training of professionals, promoting the growth of your company through scalable and specialized solutions.

Sucess Case TOTVS: Concretomix

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TOTVS offers innovative business solutions that serve the entire retail chain, combining know-how of brick-and-mortar retail and e-commerce, with portfolios of specialized solutions such as management systems, point of sale (POS), commercial automation, fiscal solutions, e-commerce, mobile, means of payment and collaboration platform.

Success Case TOTVS: Todimo

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Last updated on April 10, 2020