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History and Corporate Profile



Launching of the subscription model “TOTVS Intera” in June 2015, for small, medium and large companies; Corporate reorganization with Bematech to create the business solution provider for Retail with the widest national coverage and the most complete portfolio of solutions and innovations for the sector.


Launching of the productive and collaborative platform for processes, identities and content management, named fluig.


Creation of software offerings by industry sector and company size, combining transactional and core-business functionalities from the acquired companies’ solutions.


Corporate reorganization with Datasul S.A. and the consequent consolidation of the Brazilian management systems market.


TOTVS IPO in São Paulo Stock Exchange (B3) and subsequent acquisition of RM Sistemas S.A.


Change of the corporate name to TOTVS S.A; Repurchase of the equity fund Advent’s participation in the Company´s capital stock; Investment of BNDESPAR in the Company´s capital stock; Acquisition of Logocenter; Beginning of the activities of TOTVS Consulting.


Beginning of activies in Mexico with the acquisition of Sipros.


Investment of the private equity fund Advent in the Company’s capital stock and the launching of the programming language Advanced Protheus Language (ADVPL) developed by the Company.


Beginning of the international operations with a new branch in Argentina.


Beginning of the pioneering franchisee system to sell and implement the Company´s management solutions.


Laércio Cosentino and Ernesto Haberkorn founded Microsiga Software S.A. (today TOTVS S.A.) with the purpose of providing accessible and integrated business management solutions to small and medium companies.

Corporate Profile

TOTVS is the top provider of business solutions for companies of all sizes, providing management software solutions, collaboration and productivity platforms and consulting services, with absolute leadership in the SMB market in Brazil. The Company was the first IT company in Latin America to go public, and it is listed on Brasil, Bolsa, Balcão – B3 Novo Mercado segment, under the ticker TOTS3.

With over 50% market share in Brazil, it is ranked by Interbrand as the 20st most valuable brand in Brazil. TOTVS is present in 41 countries with more than R$2 billion in revenues and approximately 7 thousand employees. In Brazil, it has 15 branches, 52 franchised territories and 10 development centers. Outside Brazil, it has 5 branches and 2 development centers (United States and Mexico). For further information, visit

Last updated on September 3, 2020