Investor Relations


1. Presence and Leadership

TOTVS provides business solutions for companies of all sizes, providing management software solutions, collaboration and productivity platforms, hardware and consulting services, with absolute leadership in the SMB market in Latin America. With over 50% market share in Brazil, it is ranked by Interbrand as the 20st most valuable brand in Brazil.

TOTVS is present in 41 countries, with 7,800 employees. In Brazil, it has 11 branches, 52 franchises, 5,000 distributors and 10 development centers. Outside Brazil, it has 7 branches and 4 development centers (United States, Mexico, China and Taiwan).

2. Innovation and Solutions

TOTVS is the business solutions provider in Brazil that invests more in innovation. Over the past five years, the company invested more than R$1 billion in research and development and have made several acquisitions in order to support one of the key elements of the Company’s strategy, which is offering specialized business solutions integrated with back office and management business platform.

Through this approach, TOTVS provides business solutions that help clients gain productivity in both their core and ancillary businesses, allowing the integration of clients with their value chain.

This strategy is important to direct the Company’s organic and inorganic investments, with the focus on 10 segments (Manufacturing, Distribution and Logistics, Retail, Services, Financial Services, Agribusiness, Construction and Projects, Education, Health and Legal), which gives TOTVS the flexibility to allocate investments  according to the segments demands, their respective stages of maturity and economic cycles.

In 2016, TOTVS was awarded first place in innovation in the IT sector in a survey conducted by Valor Econômico newspaper.

3. Corporate Governance

The Company adopted the “Code of Best Corporate Governance Practices” developed by the Brazilian Institute of Corporate Governance – IBGC, to affirm the good practices of governance, marketing, professional ethics and business.

In addition, TOTVS is listed in the “Novo Mercado”, the highest level of corporate governance for companies listed on Brasil, Bolsa, Balcão – B3, and adopts practices that exceed requirements of legislation with respect to corporate governance and the rights of shareholders, according to the “Novo Mercado Listing Rules”.

Among the main corporate governance practices adopted by the Company, includes:

  • Creation of  the Code of Ethics and Conduct with adhesion of 100% of employees;
  • Adoption of specific policies of Disclosure of Relevant Information and Trading Securities;
  • Adoption of Specific policies for Internal Controls, Strategic Risks and Audit;
  • The Company has a Board of Directors of 9 members, of which 8 are independent;
  • The installation of Audit, Personnel and Compensation and Strategy and Technology Committees.

4. Sustainable Business Model

The Company’s net revenue for the last 12 months exceeded R$2.2 billion reais, with emphasis on recurring revenue, which represented approximately 60% of total net revenue. The Company’s recurring revenue is annually updated by inflation rates previously defined on the anniversary of maintenance and subscription contracts, helping to increase the results predictability and the Company profitability.

In order to further increase its recurring revenue, profitability and its operating cash generation in the medium and long terms, TOTVS introduced to the market in June 2015 its new subscription model for small and medium companies called “TOTVS Intera”.

In this model, the client defines and manages how many identities will be entitled to have unrestricted and simultaneous access to all management, productivity and collaboration software of TOTVS. The model allows the customer to use the solutions in any TOTVS cloud platform or if it is more convenient in their own infrastructure (on premises).

5. Strategy

Our raison d’être is to enable our CLIENTS to be more successful in their segments, creating and supplying them with solutions, innovative and global software and business platforms.

Our vision is to be essential to the business of our CLIENTS, anywhere, any time.

TOTVS creates and innovates aiming at:

  • Forming, attracting and engaging the right people
  • Being simple and agile in the delivery of productivity in operations, products and services
  • Evolving on a daily basis through continuous improvement

We work for our CLIENTS and, at present, opportunity lies in linking the present to the future, thus making it possible to deliver solutions and software platforms based on 3 TOTVS concepts:

  • Fluid Technology: Easy to use and implement, simple and mobile, promoting productivity, sharing and collaboration, thus impacting a bigger number of individuals and businesses
  • Agile ERP: Enterprise Application Software by vertical that progressively become lighter and more focused on its “CORE”, in the “CLOUD” and “MOBILE”, promoting a natural user interface
  • Essentiality: Specific offers geared towards the “Core Business” of every vertical with total adherence

We work with and for our CLIENTS, employees, partners, investors and suppliers to fully employ the concepts, practices, solutions, and platforms that are the basis of our products and services in our operations.

TOTVS is engaged in promoting Fluid Technology through the Fluig platform and delivering Enterprise Application Software by vertical, which are much simpler to use and implement, more essential in the business of each CLIENT. Our priorities are solutions in “CLOUD” and “SaaS”, quality control and high levels of satisfaction, always working to deliver better user experience and incremental software versions.

“Being essential to our CLIENTS” is fundamental in our strategy. Essentiality is cultivated through developments that combine:

  • Needs, suggestions and the participation of our CLIENTS
  • Learning, experience and the proposal of Global Best Practices
  • Strengthening of the collaborative ecosystem and the consolidation of vertical leadership

TOTVS understands that in order to be essential to its CLIENTS it needs to be essential to the ecosystem. Therefore, TOTVS is engaged in strengthening the relationships among the people who build the TOTVS history.

TOTVS works to always have a positive impact on the market with solutions and platforms that contribute to the expansion of productivity and the integration of the value chain. Furthermore, TOTVS is committed to following the growth and geographic expansion of its CLIENTS. In order to accomplish it, TOTVS relies on a 100% vertical distribution network, designed according to the size of CLIENTS and connected to the innovation of remote and personalized services.

Innovation in any TOTVS software requires a scalable platform linked to the 3 TOTVS concepts: Fluid Technology, Agile ERP and Essentiality.

Innovation in all that we do is the pathway for our clients and for us to share the future together.

TOTVS supports the idea of “using its know-how for social purposes”. That‘s why it stimulates education by providing new possibilities to young people who had few opportunities to have access to knowledge and expertise to operationalize several TOTVS‘ market leading solutions.

Last updated on April 7, 2020