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An absolute leader in systems and platforms for business management, TOTVS delivers productivity to more than 70 thousand clients and customers by the digitalization of businesses. Going far beyond ERP, it offers financial services and business performance solutions, investing approximately R$1.9 billion in research and development in the last five years to meet the requirements of 12 sectors of the economy. As an originally Brazilian company, TOTVS believes in a “Brazil that gets things done” and supports the growth and sustainability of thousands of businesses and entrepreneurs, across the whole country, through its technology.

With more than 50% market share in Brazil and among the 3 main players in Latin America, TOTVS operates primarily in Brazil, but has customers in more than 40 countries, especially in leading business centers, to explore the economic potential and opportunities offered by diverse regions. With a net revenue in 2020 of R$2.6 billion and approximately 10,000 TOTVERS among its own units, branches and franchises, it occupies the 25th position of the most valuable brand in the country in the Interbrand ranking in 2020, being the only brand of software present in this ranking. In Brazil, it has 15 branches, 52 franchised territories and 10 development centers. Abroad, it has 5 branches (Argentina, Colombia, United States, Mexico and Portugal) and 2 development centers (United States and Mexico).

Throughout its history, TOTVS has carved its niche as company that develops technology to drive productivity and competitiveness in Brazil. Over these decades, it could follow the emergence, consolidation and, in many cases, profound changes in Brazilian companies and sectors. This success story is only possible thanks to the company’s capacity to work closely with its clients to meet their needs and, backed by a strong tradition of entrepreneurship, pioneering spirit, innovation and tremendous determination, to offer the best business solutions for thousands of companies across Brazil.

Technology is an extremely high value-added industry and has the potential to decisively contribute to sustaining new development cycles in Brazil, having a broad-ranging positive effect — on all supply chains. An increasingly digital, prosperous, productive, inclusive and sustainable Brazil: these are the guidelines that guide the development of business solutions. We are living in a new digital area moved by the emergence of disruptive technologies and profound changes in the behaviours of individuals, who now consume products and services in a different manner, and of organizations, which area challenged to revalidate their own business models.

In this context, transformation is the word that best sums up the moment that TOTVS and all other companies, large or small, whether or not they belong to the world of technology, are going through, or will go through. Those that do not incorporate the digital variable into their strategic plans will become obsolete, as the speed of transformation in the world requires ever faster responses for organizations.


  1. 1983

    Laércio Cosentino and Ernesto Haberkorn founded Microsiga Software S.A. (today TOTVS S.A.) with the purpose of providing accessible and integrated business management solutions to small and medium companies.

  2. 1990

    Beginning of the pioneering franchisee system to sell and implement the Company´s management solutions.

  3. 1997

    Beginning of the international operations with a new branch in Argentina.

  4. 1999

    Investment of the private equity fund Advent in the Company’s capital stock and the launching of the programming language Advanced Protheus Language (ADVPL) developed by the Company.

  5. 2003

    Beginning of activies in Mexico with the acquisition of Sipros.

  6. 2005

    Change of the corporate name to TOTVS S.A; Repurchase of the equity fund Advent’s participation in the Company´s capital stock; Investment of BNDESPAR in the Company´s capital stock; Acquisition of Logocenter; Beginning of the activities of TOTVS Consulting.

  7. 2006

    TOTVS IPO in São Paulo Stock Exchange (B3) and subsequent acquisition of RM Sistemas S.A.

  8. 2008

    Corporate reorganization with Datasul S.A. and the consequent consolidation of the Brazilian management systems market.

  9. 2009

    Creation of software offerings by industry sector and company size, combining transactional and core-business functionalities from the acquired companies’ solutions.

  10. 2013

    Launching of the productive and collaborative platform for processes, identities and content management, named fluig.

  11. 2015

    Launching of the subscription model “TOTVS Intera” in June 2015, for small, medium and large companies; Corporate reorganization with Bematech to create the business solution provider for Retail with the widest national coverage and the most complete portfolio of solutions and innovations for the sector.

  12. 2016

    sale of 100% of our interest in TOTVS Resultados em Outsourcing Ltda. (“TOTVS RO”), a Human Resources BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) company to Propay S.A. Acquisition of a minority interest in the Russian company National Computer Corporation (NCC) by TOTVS México and TOTVS S.A.

  13. 2017

    Launch of the artificial intelligence platform (Carol) and iDEXO, an institute whose mission is to connect startups, entrepreneurs and developers in order to create new business solutions.

  14. 2018

    Consolidation of the Company’s succession plan and announcement of the arrival of Dennis Herszkowicz to replace the founder of the Company, Laércio Cosentino, who in turn was elected Chairman of the board of directors.

  15. 2019

    Review of the Company’s long-term strategic plan that had as a consequence the sale of its Hardware operations that had been acquired from Bematech in 2015, to focus the attention of its teams and resources on Software operations. Also during 2019, the Company made a subsequent offer of shares raising a total of R$ 1,066.5 billion with the issue of 27 million new shares at the price of R$ 39.50/share, to be entirely allocated to mergers and acquisitions. During 2019 the Company acquired the corporations Supplier S.A. (“Supplier” – an operation to be completed over fiscal year 2020) and Consinco S.A. (“Consinco”). Partnerships were also closed with Rede company dedicated to means of payment, VTEX in the ecommerce industry, and Moddo that will develop an Order Management System (OMS) software. During 2019 the Company also launched its new Techfin business platform aiming at expanding, simplifying and making access to financial services cheaper for its clients and customers.

  16. 2020

    Improvements in the customer’s value chain through the construction of a B2B technology ecosystem, which in addition to the Management dimension, consolidated the offering of Techfin service upon completion of the acquisition of Supplier Participações S.A., and started the Business Performance journey with the acquisition of Tail Target, an SaaS company specializing in omnichannel data intelligence. TOTVS’s shares became part of the IBrX 50 portfolio, B3’s index formed by the 50 most tradable shares in the Brazilian stock market, and, in the same vein, the Company’s shares entered the middle-cap category of the indicators known as MSCI Brazil, MSCI Latin America, and MSCI Emerging Markets. The Company also published its Sustainability Policy as part of the development of the ESG Agenda (Environmental, Social, and Governance), which reflects the purpose and vision of the TOTVS Group, for which sustainability is an important value proposition for its businesses.